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African Community School




Our community school operates from the Princess May Primary School in Hackney. We provide a safe environment for children and adults through a range of services to relieve poverty in the surrounding area. We also work towards promoting the social and economic well-being of young children of African & Caribbean descent, as well as children from other ethnic groups. We focus on advancing the education of children between the ages of 3-16 years and families through the provision of various out-of-school education support, activities and projects.

Current & previous projects:

  • Provision of extra one-to-one support in curriculum subjects to children aged 6-17 years on Saturdays.
  • Provision of family day trips and children’s only trips to places of interest, i.e. theme parks during holidays. Also buying/providing food for them during these trips.
  • Provision of accredited English, Maths, ICT, parenting and family learning classes.

How would the prize money help our community projects?

This donation will be used to take 40 children to the Chessington theme park. We will also be putting together a family day trip for 15 families who aren’t able to afford a holiday.