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Bangladesh Centre London




We work towards encouraging the livelihood and upliftment of the Bangladeshi community in London. We’re able to do this through a range of activities and projects, such as arts, community development and employment advice. We also provide advice in regard to seeking accommodation and housing. Our charity work focuses on helping children, the general public and the elderly. We provide a range of services, including welfare rights advice, hostel accommodation, community education, ICT projects, multi-lingual medical advice, women’s affairs, projects for the elderly, cultural activities, library & information services and community development.

Current & previous projects:

  • The Elderly Project.
  • Awareness of alcohol and drugs for the youth.
  • The Women’s Project.

How would the prize money help our community projects?

We would like to use this donation to support our supplementary classes. For instance, our Bengali mother tongue, music, dance and drama classes for the Bangladeshi youth.