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Bangladesh Welfare Association of Enfield




Our objective is to advance education, sports, art, and culture particularly in the lives of Bangladeshi residents within Enfield. We do this through the provision of language and literacy classes, including the promotion of educational needs for the local people in other charitable ways. We’re currently working towards relieving poverty through providing advice, information and support in the areas of social welfare and gaining access to mainstream government services. We strive to improve the overall livelihood of the Bangladeshi community, through activities such as skill-sharing workshops and women's projects which prove to be incredibly effective in improving overall confidence.

Current & previous projects:

  • ESOL and IT training.
  • Supplementary school for children aged 5-16.
  • Bengali mother tongue classes for children aged 5-13, to aid and maintain London’s language diversity, which should derive benefit for the future generation to engage in business and economic prosperity.

How would the prize money help our community projects?

To improve education for children aged 10-17. We would also like to develop food hygiene courses for Bangladeshi restaurant workers.