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Bangladesh Youth and Cultural Shomiti




We operate as a non-profit organisation and focus on being a needs-led community group and business services learning provider. We strive to promote fairness, equality, personal development and progression for our community in a culturally sensitive and supportive environment. Therefore, we work towards promoting social and economic progression to people of an ethnic minority in Leicester, especially Bangladeshi, but not exclusively. This can be seen in our childcare, learning, employment and career advice services.

Current & previous projects:

  • Let’s Learn Together – a Big Lottery funded project to support parents with young children.
  • Youth Employability Support (YES) – an EU and Big Lottery project, funded to support people between 15-24 yrs. This is particularly for people who are currently the furthest from being able to move into employment.
  • Brighter Future – a Big Lottery funded project to support unemployed individuals get back to work.

How would the prize money help our community projects?

This donation will be used to support Bangladeshi people in their education, training, and welfare benefit service.