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Bangladeshi Women’s Association




We work towards empowering women of any ethnic background with education, training, and employment advice, to help build their confidence and assertiveness in order to make a positive contribution and participate fully in society. This can be seen through an array of our projects and activities, such as ESOL (English Language), sewing classes and support to secure employment.

Current & previous projects:

  • The Skills and Opportunity Project funded by NatWest Bank provided financial management, employment, business enterprise and money management knowledge for the BAME community.
  • The Faith & Food Project from the Near Neighbours Fund was put in place to improve friendship between different religions and continents through cooking workshops.
  • Improving spoken and written English for women of different ethnic backgrounds and providing free childcare support funded by the Workers' Educational Association.

How would the prize money help our community projects?

To provide employment and training surgeries for BAME women from disadvantaged communities. We will also provide practical office skills training to help with progression into employment.