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Manchester Bangladeshi Women’s Organisation




Our women's organisation offers advice, information, and support for Bangladeshi women in Manchester. We work towards providing a safe space to empower, educate and help their overall development in society. We support vulnerable women through complex emotional situations and help them to gain confidence through developmental work. The areas that we cover include support for victims of domestic abuse, forced marriage and ‘honour' based violence. We also assist with welfare rights, housing, health, education, training, employment advice, promoting wellness, mental health and reducing isolation with outreach workers through special sessions. We also provide English, sewing, dressmaking, child development classes, a mother and toddler group and coffee mornings for the elderly.

Current & previous projects:

  • The Manchester Maya Project, a partnership we have teamed up with which helps BAMER in Manchester.
  • Cycling with TfGM, encouraging women to engage and learn how to ride a bike, whilst promoting exercise and healthy living.
  • We have developed coffee morning sessions for women in the community.

How would the prize money help our community projects?

This donation would be used to refurbish our unused creche space and transform the space into a community cafe, which will encourage volunteering, social enterprise, and will be a safe space for women to relax and socialise.