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NICOWF – The Nigerian Community in Waltham Forest




Our charitable organisation was born out of the necessity to foster and strengthen the bond between locals and Nigerians, in particular, living in the London Borough of Waltham Forest. Community spirit and the desire to understand and appreciate each other’s imperfections – this is the core thinking behind everything we do. We are dedicated to the improvement and empowerment of black people in general and those of Nigerian descent in particular. We also provide advice, support, guidance, counselling, advocacy and representation services for the aforementioned group. In essence, strengthening the bonds in the community.

Current & previous projects:

  • An anti-dementia workshop in 2018.
  • Community and Governance: UK Parliament Week in 2017.
  • The promotion of health risks awareness among BAME in 2016

How would the prize money help our community projects?

This funding will be used to organise events in the community to highlight the essence of our living together and how our manners determine the type of society we live in. It will ensure the youths understand their unique role in the life of the community and the role that they are expected to play. We plan to include mentoring evening classes, where respectable local youth workers, professional social workers, and local celebrities will lecture on a weekly basis about the effects & consequences of gang culture. We have gained the confidence of the community and hope that our supplementary action plan will remedy the boost in crimes committed by youths in our area.