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Nigerian Nurses Charitable Association




Our association is a non-profit organisation established in January 1998. We represent approximately 3,000 Nigerian nurses and intend to establish chapters nationwide. Our future plans are to bring excellence in education and conduct educational programmes for nurses and allied health professionals throughout the year. We will also work towards providing annual scholarships for students. We will be running an annual conference in the summer of each year, which will feature the most prominent speakers in nursing and healthcare. This conference will support practical help in improving healthcare facilities for the community in Nigeria and healthcare for the Nigerian community in Britain. We aim to help healthcare professionals through assistance in gaining additional skills.  

Current & previous projects:

  • Local community health checks - we offered diabetes testing, height, weight and general health advice to the local community in 2018.
  • A professional update conference – celebrating International Nurses and Midwives Day, held in May 2017.
  • Speaker/contribution to the Safeguarding Conference in 2017.

How would the prize money help our community projects?

We will engage in a series of events held in the community. Some of those will be organised by us and some will be put together by supporting and working in collaboration with other charitable organisations who are concerned with the health and well-being of diaspora communities.